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Rustic Charcoal Black Pillar Candle 18x7cm

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Rustic Charcoal Black Pillar Candle 18x7cm

Introducing the “Rustic” candle collection! These candles are manufactured with traditional European craftsmanship. The beautiful colours run throughout the entire candle, and their rustic appearance compliments the modern aluminium band. They also have a specially designed wick, which allows maximum burning time and a high clarity flame. This clarity and unique colour range is what makes these candles so special and a great eye catcher in any home.

Dimensions:  H 18cm, Dia 7cm

Material:   Wax

Care:  For optimum safety and to maximize burn times, trim wick to 0.5cm before relighting; always place your candle on a fireproof surface or holder; keep lit candles out of drafts

Weight 0.60 kg
Dimensions 7 × 18 cm

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