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HKliving 70’s Ceramic Jug Bomb

Indulge in the ultimate dining experience, bringing rich layers of colour and handmade finishes to your tableServe lemonade, milk or ice-tea from this beautiful pitcher. …

Multi Coloured Spot Recycled Glass Jug

Stunning handless glass jug with a random multicoloured spot design. Mouth-blown glass jug from Firozabad, which is the centre of India’s glass manufacturing industry. The…

Rose Pink Dotted Jug

Elegant Rose Pink dotted jug from Danish brand Bahne , hand made in coloured transparent glass. Fill with water or your favourite flowers. This is…

HKliving 70’s Ceramic Milk Jug & Sugar Pot

Who doesn’t drink their coffee with milk and sugar?  This 70’s ceramics milk jug and sugar pot in berry and peat is a must to…