Collective Home Scents

Collective Home Scents

Collective have been working on their home scents range, locally made in Warwickshire, adding 3 new fragrances to the collection. The range now has 5 beautiful fragrances.

In order to let the scents do the talking, they are named simply, No 1  2, 3, 4, and 5 and are here to be discovered, at No 37 Park Street, where their beautiful aroma lingers….

 No 1

No1 scent is an uplifting blend of sweet aromatic woody oud, oozing fresh coriander, zesty lemon grass and ginger that lasts and lasts and lasts. Perfect for day.

 No 2

No2 scent is a sophisticated yet relaxing blend of East Asian smoky vetiver, fragrant woody cypress and provocative black pepper. Perfect for evening.

The two can also be combined successfully to create the best of both worlds.

 No 3

No 3  scent is a delicious blend of grapefruit, bergamot and geranium, perfectly balanced to restore mind and body .

 No 4

No 4 scent is a refreshing fusion of lime and peppermint, specifically designed to energize, invigorate and cleanse the senses.

No 5

No 5 scent is an earthy, spicy fragrance combining patchouli, frankincense and cardamom, to induce a sense of deep, lavish relaxation.

Relax, recharge or indulge – you choose!

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