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Mini Houseplant Tools

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You can’t fit a regular trowel, spade or rake in an indoor plant pot… Enter Mini Houseplant Tools! These three handy houseplant hacks enable the scaled-down business of general indoor plant maintenance.

Repot plants, sow seeds or tidy your terrarium. It’s all possible with these handy hand-sized tools that enable you to tend to the potting needs of your pot plants.

With the Mini Houseplant Tools you can care for your home horticultural patch without damaging leaves or soiling your living room!

– Wondering how to repot a plant without killing it?
– Well, these tools are a great place to start
– Get to grips with some green-fingered graft
– Precision tools for careful craft and less mess
– These puppies are an absolute houseplant care kit essential

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Need help caring for your house plants