Kitchen & Dining

There’s a good reason why the kitchen is described as the heart of the home. This is where the culinary magic happens night after night, which is why it’s so important to create a pleasant environment. Here at collective we have a fantastic selection of kitchen and dining accessories for you to choose from including tables, chairs, chopping boards, bowls, dishes, and cutlery. Explore our great range of Tupperware and serving dishes for the best in contemporary design or have some fun with our quirky and unusual novelty kitchen items.

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HKliving 70’s Ceramics Verve Cappuccino Mugs Set of 4

Swap your morning coffee for an espresso cappuccino. Italians swear by it, and for good reason. Thanks to its generous 300ml capacity, you have complete…

HKliving 70’s Ceramics Milk Jug & Sugar Pot

Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia? Serve your milk and sugar in the old-fashioned way in this 70s ceramic. Complete the look with a…

HKliving 70’s Ceramic Stargaze Pepper & Salt Jar

Banish the supermarket salt and pepper shakers and serve them in the distinctive 70s ceramic salt and pepper jars, just like the old days. Dimensions: …

HKliving 70’s Ceramic Crystals Tapas Bowls Set of 4

An evening of tapas or a sumptuous dinner with friends or family? The tapas dishes are the perfect finishing touch to the table setting. Spread…

HKliving 70’s Ceramics Mojave Small Trays Set of 2

Designed for a wide range of uses, this set of two small trays complements the 70s ceramic tableware. Whether you use them to serve coffee…

HKliving 70’s Ceramic Salad Bowl

To make a salad, you need a large bowl with plenty of space to toss and mix the ingredients. Forget about transferring to a second…

HKliving 70’s M Force Ceramic Spoons Set of 4

And we know a true coffee experience isn’t complete without our very own 70s ceramics spoons. These beautiful, colorful ceramic spoons will make sure you…

HKliving Reclaimed Teak Bread Board Medium

This classic wooden bread board is always very popular and is a must have in your kitchen.The perfectly round shape makes this a timeless design…

HKliving Coloured Cocktail Glasses Set of 4

Drink your favourite cocktail in one these stunning coloured cocktail glasses. Every one of the four glasses has it’s own colour. The glasses are all…

HKliving 70’s Ceramic Humus Dessert Bowls Set of 4

The perfect size for your yoghurt breakfast, a tasty bowl filled with snacks or a small side dish. The dessert bowls can be used anywhere…

HKliving Ceramic Rustic Pink Mug

This is a high-end quality mug is made to last.  It is rustic, as each piece is unique with slightly different shades of pink and…

Orange Explorer Insulated Water Bottle 650ml

A 650ml vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle that is built for the great outdoors or the urban jungle. It will keep your drinks cold for…