Calex Avesta Green Filament LED Bulb Dimmable

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It seems simple. If you need light, you turn on a lamp. But of course there is more to it than that. Because how cozy are you sitting together on the couch or at the table under a bright fluorescent tube? And how long can you continue to focus on your work in that intimate light? Calex understands how light works and is happy to lend you a helping hand! Calex is a creative brand with something for everyone. Whether you're looking for decorative lighting to decorate your home or looking for a replacement for that one broken light in the bathroom, we've got you covered! Our passion for light and atmosphere and the urge to be innovative in this area dates back to 1970. Since then, we have been working every day to make your home a bit more beautiful, nicer and yes, more atmospheric with smart, innovative and sustainable lighting. to make! Calex, your specialist in light and atmosphere!

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