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Tarragon Hydro Herb Kit

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Products designed with the environment in mind

Self-grow Hydro Herb kits are ready to grow indoors, hydroponically without he need for soil. Herbs take six weeks to mature and can last for years there after..

Every component of the kit is either recycled and recyclable or entirely biodegradable, really designed with the environment in mind — ideal for the current times..

The wine bottles that form the largest part of the kit are reused locally minimising any carbon production from melting the glass down or transport. We use capillary matting that is recycled and the plastic bottles in the kits are also made from recycled plastic that may itself be recycled..

The Jiffy Pellets are made of coir (ground coconut husk) rather than peat, therefore not contributing to the reduction of peat bogs. The cork lid/place mat comes from renewable sources in Europe as do the natural rubber bands. Terracotta pebbles used in the kit along with the cork and natural rubber band are all biodegradable.

Hydro Herbs genuinely have done all they can to ensure the manufacture of their kits have as little environmental impact as is possible..

In The Kit

Every kit contains all you need to your chosen herb. We use a recycled wine bottle to construct the body of the system, all edges are ground by hand so there’s no need to worry about sharp corners left over from cutting the bottle. Watering the kits could not be simpler just keep an eye on the water line (clearly visible) and top up when needed, every couple of weeks. Each kit contains enough organic hydroponic fluid for you to be able to grow your herbs for approximately two years. The kits also come with spare parts so that if your horticultural skills require a little honing there’s a second chance waiting.

About Tarragon

Before we go any further there are a couple of points that we would like to clarify regarding this offering. As you may know ‘French’ tarragon may only be cultivated using cuttings from the mother plant, this is in the main due to the way that their roots are formed. There is a commonly known second type of tarragon (these are found in most gardening shops) ‘Russian’ tarragon, unfortunately ‘Russian’ tarragon tastes of very little more than grass. To be clear my good people ‘THIS IS NOT RUSSIAN TARRAGON!’, we use a variety of tarragon commonly known as ‘Mexican’ or less commonly ‘Spanish’ tarragon. The flavour profile of this type of tarragon is very nearly as strong as ‘French’ tarragon, so we would suggest you use just a little more than you would normally use in your cooking to obtain the same desired taste.

Mexican tarragon can reach heights of 40cm or so and will happily grow all year round indoors, with its characteristic yellow/golden flowers. When eaten it has an anise like flavour which lends a gorgeous aromatic tone to dishes especially soups and sauces. Interestingly it is also said to have insect repellent properties with the dried plant being burnt as a form of incense for exactly this purpose.

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