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Millennial AF Game

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Millennial AF Game.

It’s a pretty common question on Google. The millennial generation has generated more intrigue than any other. And rightly so in our opinion. The “Who’s most likely to” card game that’ll reveal the biggest bottomless brunching, quinoa munching, Insta-influencing millennial in your group.

Here’s how it might play out…

Jess: “Who’s most likely to… text ‘I’m outside’ rather than ring the doorbell?
Josh: “Well that can’t be me. I’d never do that.”
Sam: “That’s totes something you’d do, Josh!”
Jess: “Josh IMHO.”
George: “Josh. Without a doubt.”
Josh: “WTF?!”

Josh then gets that card. And at the end, each player tallies their cards; the one with the most is the most millennial of them all.

Millennial AF Game is the generational game based on typical millennial traits. You’ll be surprised at just how millennial we all are…

Dimensions:  H:11.6cm  L: 16.9cm W:3.8cm

Material:  120 card

Care:  Suitable for 8+

Weight 3 kg

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