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House Plant Duster Gloves

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House Plant Duster Gloves.

These unclog the pores of indoor plants and promote healthy photosynthesis with these Duster gloves.

Reasons to add the house plant microfibre duster gloves to your indoor plant care:

They attract dust – Dirt and dust are negatively charged so they are literally attracted to microfibre like a magnet.

They’re soft and delicate – The weave enables you to remove dust without damaging your plant.

They’re washable – Simply rinse and reuse. Far better for the environment than disposable duster cloths.

They’re wearable – Enables full dextrous control, meaning you’re less likely to damage your plant when cleaning it.

Dimensions:  One size fits all, they’re ambidextrous

Material:  Cotton

Care: Rinse and re use

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