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Grey Tibetan Sheepskin Rug

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Only 2 left in stock

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Grey Tibetan Sheepskin Rug

Our Tibetan lambskins are of premium quality, sustainably and ethically sourced .They are known for their long silky light and fluffy luxurious  fleece with the finest of curls, perfect for sinking your toes into after a long hard day at work!

As these are a natural product that have been dyed colours may vary slightly from sheepskin to sheepskin.

Dimensions: L 100 cm +/55cm+

Material: Wool

Care: Tibetan lambskins are a decorative piece for light use only. Do not expose the skin to extreme heat or direct sunlight.

Marks or stains on the hair side can be removed carefully with a damp sponge or cloth. Hang the skin to dry naturally.


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Dimensions 100 cm